Hi! My name is Temi and I’m constantly building and launching new ideas.

I’ve spent my whole life not really understanding that there were things I can’t do, and so I’ve tried to do (almost) everything. From starting businesses to learning how to work nuclear reactors(yes, I really did that).

And the more I learn to do things the faster I’ve become in learning to do them. So while growing up I was called scatter-brained and was accused of “lacking focus”, I’ve turned my lemon into lemonade and became what is now known as a “multi-passionate” individual or a generalist.

So the long story short is that I like and do a lot of things, I can help you do them too or you can follow along as I do all these things.

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Temi Giwa

Temi Giwa

I write about starting and growing new things. Mostly around startups and how to build your own. I also have opinions … lots of them … come fight me 🤦🏾‍♀️