Dreaming of places I’ve never been

Temi Giwa
3 min readNov 22, 2022


Does anyone else have these super realistic dreams?

Last night I dreamt I was in the US heading somewhere in a deep red minivan piloted by an uber driver that gave me the creeps.

After some time driving, I realised the trip was taking much longer than it should have. But because I was in an unfamiliar place I couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong.

I pulled out my phone and tried to use google maps but it was glitching really badly for some reason. As a last-ditch effort, I tried to find landmarks that would help me get my bearings.

To my dismay, it was nothing but picturesque trees as far as the eye could see and I started to tell myself not to panic.

Instead, I tried to drum up a conversation with my potential kidnapper in order to try to humanise myself (something I’ve read makes it harder for people to be cruel) and he was super kind and sweet. In the extremely creepy, this is not normal kind of way.

After about “twenty minutes” of driving, we come across a massive building. With brown embellishments declaring it to be “St. Claire Hospital” above the glass panels that are so popular in the medical field.

I didn’t recognise it but it gave me hope that civilisation was close. Maybe we just took a wrong turn and we’re heading back into the city.

I kept whispering the words St Clair Hospital and trying to send them to every contact on my phone hoping something would get through.

All too soon, the hospital is far from view and we’re pulling over.

He asks me to step out of the car and the panic I’ve been holding back starts to set in.

“You should go to the bathroom”, he says.

“I don’t have to go” I reply. “I’ll just stay here”

“You should go to the bathroom”

“I’m fine thanks”

“You should go to the bathroom”

The dance continues back and forth. Me telling him in no uncertain terms that I’ll be staying in the car.

When he tires of it he reaches into the seat behind me and grabs a long rod and a fork and that’s when the tears start coming.

“Please don’t hurt me”

He looks at me like I’ve said something ridiculous.

“You should go to the bathroom”

I shake my head. Nothing but force will get me out of this vehicle. Maybe someone will drive past and see him trying to drag me out of the van against my will.

At the very least the police will find evidence of a struggle that could hopefully put this psychopath away.

He reaches in and grabs my arm…

I jolt awake with my heart racing and my sleep paralysis in full gear.

It takes a few minutes for my brain to realize that I’m safe in my bed and not asleep anymore. As function returns to my frozen muscles and I whip out my phone for a quick google search. And there it is, St. Claire hospital in all its brown and glass glory.



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